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ADA 2:6G

ADA 2:6G

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Product descripton

1 Input, 6 Output Stereo Distribution Amplifier With Gain Controls

The Signature ADA 2:6G is a broadcast specification 6 way stereo analogue distribution amplifier, designed to distribute one or two audio channels to multiple destinations.

The ADA 2:6G has 1 x stereo input that is distributed to 6 x stereo outputs, each with its own gain control. A front panel toggle switch changes the operation of the unit to a mono distribution amplifier with 1 input and 12 outputs. The mono/ stereo front panel toggle switch is recessed to prevent accidental operation and also provides the user with clear visual indication of the current mode.

Audio inputs and outputs are electronically balanced on XLRs and can accommodate unbalanced connections if required. The output gains are on front panel multi turn potentiometers (recessed to prevent accidental operation). They provide a wide gain range to cope with the different gain level requirements of broadcast or domestic level equipment.

All outputs are protected, so a short circuit on one will not affect any of the others.

Power is provided by an internal switch mode power supply, with a wide input range. There is also an input for external 12V DC power. The 12V DC input can be connected to the optional Signature PS1 external DC Master Power Station, for situations where a redundant power supply is desirable.

A bright front panel LED indicates that the unit is operational.

Signature Series Standard Features

19" Rack Mount Ears
A Signature unit can rack mount in a 1U 19” rack, regardless of the size of the unit.  Rack ears are included as standard with every unit.

Front Or Rear Mounting
A Signature unit can be rack mounted via the front panel or if it is more convenient, via the rear panel by simply swapping the rack ears over.

Side Wings For Flat Surface Mounting
A Signature unit has side wings with mounting holes at the top and bottom, allowing flush fixing from above OR underneath.

Internal Switch Mode AC Power Supply
A Signature unit has an internal switch mode AC power supply, allowing worldwide power connections from 100-240V via an IEC socket.

12V DC Power Connection
All Signature units (except PS1) have a 4 pin XLR ±12V DC  socket for connection to the PS1 Power Station.  This can act as the primary or backup power source.

Quick Find Manual
A Signature unit has a QR code attached.  This can be scanned to simply and quickly locate the manual and technical information.


  • Neutral colour scheme to complement Equipment Scheme
  • Rack screws included
  • Modern design

May be delivered with a black finish

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