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SKU: DIG-vb2432a0101

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ALP882e - Shipping March 2023
8 balanced analog line inputs / 8 balanced analog line outputs (24-bit/192kHz , +24 dBu) 4 stereo AES3 inputs with hardware SRCs / 4 stereo AES3 outputs
1 AES11 input, 1 Wordclock In & Out, inter-card sync. 8/8 GPIOs
Embedded 32x32-channel mixer
OS : Windows from Windows 10 and Server 2016 / Linux from kernel 4.19 Drivers : ASIO and WASAPI / DirectSound (Windows), Alsa (Linux)
2 x VHDCI 68-pin connectors: one for analog I/Os, and one for digital I/Os, GPIOs, and clocks.
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