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Argo S

Argo S

SKU: CR-000192


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ARGO | The new standard for broadcast audio

Argo comes in two sizes; here you see the smaller Argo S, this model has one mid-level row of interchangeable panels


  • Simple, intuitive, IP native surface with supercharged DSP
  • Flexible Interchangeable panels and configurable layouts – Any panel can be placed anywhere

Why you need an Argo

Argo is Calrec’s new approach to audio mixing and the result of 60 years of expertise and research & development in the science of broadcast audio. Argo boasts native IP connectivity based on industry-wide standards, supercharged DSP with 1000s of DSP paths, and an ultra-modern and user-definable control surface. Argo is the next-generation audio console for all broadcasters, suiting a range of needs, from the largest global sporting events to automated / semi-automated news environments and flagship entertainment shows. With all this and more, Calrec’s Argo will surpass your needs well into the future.

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