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SKU: CR-Impulse1

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Product descripton

The ImPulse1 IP engine is a smaller, yet powerful cost-effective version of the industry-established ImPulse.

ImPulse1 features include a 1U enclosure as well as dual AC PSUs. Two cores for failover redundancy or optional non-redundant single core are available. It runs a single mixer with SMPTE ST2110/AES67 connectivity and can be controlled by Argo surfaces, and/or Calrec Assist, a browser-based GUI, ideally suited to remote working or headless operation.

ImPulse1 is designed for smaller, single mixer applications and is offered with an all-new DSP license of 128 input channels without compromising its ST2110 capability. With a small overall form factor of 2 x 1U unit, it’s immediately attractive for compact installation sites, such as outside broadcast and flypack applications, where space is at a premium. Furthermore, it doesn’t compromise on features and DSP power with DSP options ranging from 128 to 384 input channels and benefits from the DSP features from the larger, ImPulse core.

Product specification

  • DSP channels: up to 672
  • Input channels: 384
  • Fader: max 240
  • Up to 672 processing paths
  • 1U Fully self-contained DSP core
  • Native AES67 / SMPTE ST2110-30 connectivity
  • ST2110-30 connections can operate in 1 or 10Gbps mode
  • ST2022-7 redundant connections
  • Built-in support for NMOS IS-04 advertisements & IS-05 connection managements
  • Max router capacity of 2,048 x 2,048
  • Up to 512 ST2110 streams – each stream can pass between 1 to 80 audio channels
  • Dual AC PSUs
  • Dual core for failover redundancy that can be physically remote or optional non-redundant single core available
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