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Streamer++ for Windows

Streamer++ for Windows


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Product descripton

Streamer++ for Windows is a virtual sound card for AES67-compatible audio streaming. It acts as one or several audio interfaces for Windows (WDM, ASIO, …), and connects them to network audio streams in a very flexible and configurable way. Only the streaming part runs as a Windows Service, while the accompanying GUI applications for operation and
configuration, available from an icon on the tray, run as normal applications to reduce the security relevant footprint.

Streamer++ for Windows is using H7R’s PTP++ for Windows for clock synchronization. It is a separate piece of software, running as a separate service, and it includes separate GUI applications. Hence the time synchronization runs entirely independently from streaming.
Streamer++ can use it to synchronize audio streams and virtual audio interfaces, but other synchronization sources (e.g. NTP) are also possible.

Special Properties of Streamer++ for Windows

  • Highly flexible audio interface configuration. Multiple virtual interfaces can be configured, with individual sampling rates and channel counts.
  • Physical audio interfaces available on the system can be used (e.g. headphone output, microphone input), even when they are not externally synchronized.
  • Can support redundancy according to SMPTE ST 2022-7.
  • Can support arbitrary media formats and media clocks concurrently.
  • Can support various synchronization and clocking schemes concurrently.
  • Supports sampling rate conversion in software, for asynchronous audio devices. This allows use with off-the-shelf audio hardware that can’t be synchronized externally.
  • Supports arbitrary packet setups, not limited to what AES67 mandates.
  • Supports unicast, as well as 1:N and M:N multicast scenarios.
  • Supports SAP for stream discovery.
  • NMOS control module is available.
  • MSI based installer.
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