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Beltpack commentator unit with talkback and Dante interface

The main input is switchable between mic, mic+48v phantom power, and line. The input has an adjustable gain control to meet a wide range of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones. The input passes through a broadcast quality dsp controlled compressor/limiter circuit prior to the A/D converters to maximize headroom and designed to manage the peaks of excited commentary. The A/D converters are full broadcast spec low noise, 48K 24bit designed for on air use.

There are two output circuits. One is used as the main programme audio, the other as a talkback circuit. There are separate button controls for each of these using Config+. They can each can be independently configured for latching or momentary, with the programme button also having a 'cough' feature. All talkback I/O connections are via the RJ45/CAT5 Dante network audio connection.

There are two monitoring inputs each with independent level control. Each of these inputs can be switched from the left ear, right ear, or both ears to the stereo headphone amplifier. The headphone amplifier is our high performance intelligent circuit which automatically adjusts its output level for high or low impedance headphones and can also drive mono earpieces and headphones.

There are 2 off 4 LED level meters both indicating -12 to +6 dB. One LED meter is located on the front panel to enable easy visualisation of the audio levels if the VITA is being used as a table top device and the other meter is located on the top panel facing the operator when used by its beltclip.

Via PoE on the network connection, or via an external DC power supply.

The VITA is often used as a remote link to the main commentary unit. It is favoured by pitch side interviewers, and is popular in combinations with wireless systems.

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