Calrec Referenzen

Calrec Mischpulte sind weltweit im Einsatz. Hier ist eine Auswahl an Projekten die mit Calrec realisiert wurden:

Argo Q

  • NEP Australia (96-fader Argo Q audio console + ImPulse sits in what is now Australia’s largest remote production suite, ACR7)
  • NHK, Japan
  • TV Osaka, Japan
  • TVA, Canada
  • Rightway Audio, China

Argo S

  • NEP Australia (two 60-fader Argo S audio consoles in the other two, new suites, ACR5 & ACR6)
  • DVB Slovenia (reduced height Argo S audio console + ImPulse1)
  • Ross Production Services (RPS) (three 60-fader Argo S audio consoles located in three Remote Integration Model (REMI) control rooms used for the productions of clients that include CBS, ESPN, Athlete’s Unlimited and EA Sports, alongside five RP1 systems in the US)
  • TBS, Spain
  • Fox Group, USA
  • NEP Supershooters, USA
  • La7, Italy
  • Cerberus Media Solutions, Germany

Brio 36

  • Ross Production Services (RPS) (Eight Brio 36 audio consoles with MADI, Dante and Hydra2 hubs in their sprinter van mobile units in the US)
  • Ravensbourne University London (Brio 36 with Hydra2 network provides students with the opportunity to hone their audio mixing skills on an industry-standard mixing desk, used in professional broadcast applications worldwide)
  • BBC Washington (Brio 36 audio console with Hydra2 and a Dante card serves as the main mixer for all of its DC based productions in the US)

Type R

  • RTM in Malaysia (77-Type R cores across its network. In general, each main on-air studio benefits from a 16-fader panel as well as two cores, main and redundant. For the smaller setups, where there may be ingest studios alongside edit suites, 12-fader panels were installed)
  • Notre Dame Studios, part of the University of Notre Dame (Type R surface)
  • Pepper 96.6 FM in Greece (6-fader Type R console)


  • Ross Production Services (RPS) (One Apollo audio console in their 40-foot box truck alongside Hydra2 in the US)
  • Al Jazeera Media Network (Seven Apollo audio consoles (three 64-fader consoles and three 56-fader consoles and a 48-fader console) with Hydra2 technology at their broadcast facility in Doha, Qatar)


  • SuperSport (64-fader Artemis with two ImPulse cores and a 30-fader Type R in their new 4K/UHD IP-native OB truck, IP1 in South Africa)
  • Notre Dame Studios, part of the University of Notre Dame in the US (Artemis with ImPulse core to meet the demands of all its production needs from across campus as well as providing the backbone for the production of hockey broadcasts to NBC’s Peacock streaming service as well as approximately 125 athletic contests to the ACC Network)
  • UK-based television facility, Dock 10 (48-fader Artemis connected to a Hydra2 network)
  • À Punt Media in Spain (three Artemis consoles and a Brio 36 with Hydra2 and a Dante network)


  • INA TV  (32-fader Summa console with Hydra2 networking. INA TV, providers of OB and production services in the Greek and Balkan regions have used Summa to handle complex UEFA technical specifications to broadcast European qualifying matches for this year’s World Cup)
  • Headroom Productions (Summa + Hydra2 with a Dante network and MADI interface is used for Star Académie on TVA in Montreal, Canada)