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Beatrice Lucia 2

Beatrice Lucia 2

Artikelnummer: GL-BeatriceLucia2

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Twin 2 Wire Clearcom/RTS interface nach Dante. 19"

The Glensound Beatrice Lucia is a simple and cost effective way of interfacing legacy party-line (two wire) intercoms to modern audio networks. Each party-line interface supports both single channel Clear-Com/ Tecpro and RTS standards as well as the two channel RTS unbalanced standard. Whilst its network interface utilizes the Broadway chipset from Audinate which supports Dante, AES67 and SMPTE 2110-30*. As such it can also be used as a way of extending RTS Omneo intercom networks to legacy party-lines. Also compatible with the Eartec range of wireless intercoms. Lucia’s 1RU subrack can house 1 or 2 independent Party-Line interfaces and can be powered by an internal mains supply or PoE. If powered by mains then it can provide ‘wet’ power to the party-line interfaces.

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